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tranTranscribing means to write down or transcribe an oral text usually from an audio or video recording. During official conferences it is usual to record speeches, as well as recording criminal trials proceedings or medical sessions.

At Translation In London we provide professional, affordable and accurate transcription services in London in over 265 languages, dealt by skilled and experienced transcribers happy to put their abilities at your disposal.

Transcribing requires great capacity of concentration and wealth of experience. Transcribing is not an easy game. It takes quite a long time to transcribe an audio or video into text. For example the speed at which people talk, noises or rackets on the background or particular differences in pronunciation.

It is very important to transcribe only what it has been recorded, without adding, omitting or modifying anything, even grammar mistakes.

We work with our qualified network of transcribers who posses invaluable experience and expertise in the legal, medical and technical transcription services.

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tran1Translations In London is focused on providing quality service and complete customer satisfaction that ensures the finished material produces flawless transcription and translations that read as if they were originally written in the target language.

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