NHS Interpreting Services

National Health Service Interpreting Services, London, UK

nhsThe United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) is one of the most efficient and well structured health systems in Europe. It provides free medical and health assistance and free services to all those UK residence who cannot afford medical expenses.

Approved NHS Interpreting and Translation Company UK

nhs2 Translations In London is proud to cooperate officially with the NHS by providing reliable and affordable medical interpretation and translation services on a daily basis. Our skilled and reliable interpreters provide life saving linguistic supports to health professionals and patients across the UK, making us one of the leading translation companies in the UK.

Fair and Equal Interpretation Services for All

nhs Many people who decide to move in this great country of ours, in fact, do not master English language yet, but chances are that they would need medical assistance. The UK NHS, not only provides free health visits, but it can provide new citizens with interpreting assistance. This is when Translations In London takes the field!

With our wide range of qualified and experienced interpreters fluent in the English Language and in their mother tongues, are able to deal with the everyday requests that the various NHS agencies require.

Why choose Translations in London?

nhsHaving over 15 years experience providing trusted and quality interpreting and translation services to both public and private sector, Translations In London a branch of well known and reputable Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, a market leader agency in the UK guarantees to provide the most cost effective, professional and reliable interpreters and translators across the UK.

We supply qualified and trained professional interpreters in more than 265 Languages for any type of interpreting, such as:

  • Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Voice Over
  • Liaison Interpreting

We have more than 12500 professional interpreters who are experts in Public Service Interpreting in their specific fields we guarantee to provide best value for money.

Recommended Translation Companies London

nhs More than 30% of our constantly increasing translation and interpreting requests come from spontaneous recommendation from our clients, such as Tribunal Courts, National Health Service Trusts, International Organisations, Business Agencies, Non-profit organisations, as well as individual private clients.

Choosing the Right Interpreter to Suit Your Needs

nhs While looking for an interpreter, bear in mind that interpreting is a particular tricky and difficult profession, besides language skills, a professional interpreter is trained to be neutral, impartial, to control her/his emotional reaction and, of course, not to miss a single word and to provide quality interpreting service. An interpreter must report only what he/she hears without adding or omitting anything for personal reasons.

Do not take the chance of being assisted by an inadequately qualified and trained interpreter and trust our over 15 years experience and call us now for a free quote or fill in our quotation form on the top of your screen.Our staff looks forward to helping you to find the best interpreter to suit your need.