Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services, London, UK

lstTranslations In London offers a wide range of legal translation services among them we offer inexpensive official and certified legal translation services at an affordable price from as little as £20.

Our main guarantee is that Translations In London is an important branch of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, a well known and
recognised translation company in London and Birmingham covering the whole of UK. The Company has more than 15 years experience in the field of translations and language support services.

What is legal translation anyway and what types of documents are considered as legal documents?

lst2 Legal Translations deal with a large variety of texts such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Insurance Contracts, Immigration Documents, Property/Exhibit Labels, Certificates of Accuracy, Witness Statements, Litigation Documents, Trusts, Articles of Incorporation, Wills, Depositions.

Translations In London is glad to offer you all of these kinds of services at an amazingly affordable price. We as a Company provide legal translations worldwide in over 265 languages, such as Russian, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, German, French, Arabic and many more.

Right on Target Legal Translation Service

lst3 As the mistranslation of a passage in a legal document could lead to a lawsuit or to a loss of money, our translators are experts in the legal systems of each language involved in the translation.

Only experience and zeal can provide a Legal Translator with the needed accuracy, since many law dictionaries are of poor quality and their use can lead to mistranslation.

Legal Aid Translation Services | Translation and Interpreting for Legal Aid Agency

lst4Translations In London are proud to announce that as a long serving translation company we provide quality and certified translation and interpreting services to law firms and Solicitors Firms across the UK in accordance with the Legal Aid Agency’s rate.

The LAA offers a service which is essential for the community, and we are very proud of being cooperative with this intent.

We as a company provide solicitors, lawyers, attorneys with authorised, trained and professional interpreters in over 265 languages in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex and Nationwide Courts and Tribunals.

When using our reliable and quality interpreting services, you can rest assured that you can rely on the professionalism of the interpreter in courts, immigration offices or solicitors’ offices.For a free interpreting or translation quote please get in touch now.