Trained and qualified interpreters for more than 265 languages

Translations In London, as a company member of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group, provides qualified interpreters on a daily basis for the Public Sector organisations including local authorities, the NHS and as well as other national and interpreting public service organisations.

With the expression “public sector”, in the United Kingdom, we normally refer to basic governmental services, such as Police, Military, Tribunals, Public Roads, Public Transit, as well as Primary Education and Health Assistance.

We provide interpreters and translation services for the Public Sector on a regularly basis covering a wide range of areas for example:

  • Tribunal/Court hearings and proceedings
  • Police interviews
  • Public Companies
  • PACE Compliant Interviews
  • GP Appointments to national and international seminars and events

Interpreters for Councils and Social Services

If you are part of a council and require a face to face interpreter for a child protection conference, for a home visit or you need an interpreter for a last minute request then at Translations In London we have wealth of experience and expertise to provide you with the best and most reliable interpreter to help you achieve your tasks effectively and efficiently.

Interpreting service for the NHS i.e. Hospitals and GPs

laptop and stethoscopeAs an approved provider on the National NHS Framework Agreement we provide vital and professional services to hospitals for all departments’ i.e. emergency departments, A&E, maternity as well as for GPs. We can provide interpreters for home visits to surgery theatre.

Police Interpreters and Interpreting Services for Police

Having previously been contracted by the MoJ at Translations In London (Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd) we provide qualified, experienced and fully tested and vetted interpreters and translators for all legal meetings, court hearings as well as police interviews in London and across the UK.