Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services in London

Translations In London has a wide network of qualified and experienced interpreters offering interpreting services in over 265 languages in London and across the UK. Whether you require interpretation services for courts or business meetings you will always be assisted by our professional and qualified Interpreting Booking Team who will be pleased to assign the best interpreters to meet your needs.

Translations in London ServicesAt Translation In London we cross the language barrier and communications at all levels. In order to ensure that our client’s needs are met we offer multiple languages and combinations for all types of situations such as business meetings, social service visits, mental health assessments, court hearings, notaries, offices, medical appointments, factory visits, seminars, conferences etc….

With more than 16 years of experience in the field of interpretation and translation services we offer a variety of interpretation services including:

  • Conference interpreting
  • Business interpreting
  • Face to face interpreting
  • Telephoning interpreting
  • International voiceovers

 Conference Interpreting

International conferences are often attended to by people from different cultures, backgrounds and speaking different languages. When an interpreter is needed Translations in London provides a wide range of experts specifically trained in conference interpreting guaranteeing that the message is accurately transmitted.Conference Interpreting

We want to make your event all a success, that is why we offer different kinds of conference interpreting: consecutive: interpreting after the speaker finished or simultaneous: interpreting while the delegate is speaking.

Business Interpreting

Translations In London assists companies by offering a specifically tailored interpreting service enhancing communication all over the world.Business Interpreting UK

Our professional and experienced business interpreters will help you to expand your business and facilitate business relationships.

Our interpreters are not only qualified professionals, which demonstrate excellent analysis skills and intellectual maturity, but also they are interpreters able to deal with any tense situation during the negotiation guaranteeing that the message will still be delivered in an accurate and professional manner.

Face-to-face Interpreting UK

For those situations which require an interpreter to be physically present, our professional and qualified interpreters are available to take on Face-to-Face interpreting assignments correctly, immediately and without delay at any time and any place.

Available in more than 150 languages our interpreters are qualified and specialised in correctly, instantly and without delay at any time and any place

Telephoning Interpreting

Nowadays, technology is offering new possibilities and for those situations which require interpreting support immediately or when there are geographical limitations, telephone interpreting is an efficient and affordable method of communicating. Translations In London makes possible any communication in a matter of seconds!

International Voiceover

Voiceovers is a complex technique that needs an experienced and specialist voiceover ensuring that tone of voice and meaning of words are not lost in recording. Translations in London provides high standard services on an international level and has the experience and resources to provide quality, cost effective and professional voiceovers.

High Quality but Affordable Interpreting Services

Face to Face Interpreting SettingWe are proud of the quality of our interpreters and have stringent quality procedures to ensure that this quality is always maintained.

Translations In London’s qualified and trained interpreters are the best choice if you are looking for quality but affordable service at the same time.

Our clients know they can trust the service provided by our interpreters while also saving money.

Contact us giving us as much information as possible about the service you require and we will select the most appropriate interpreters to meet all your needs wherever you need them.