Translations in London main concern: meet our clients’ needs


We as a company do care about improving and enhancing our services in order to meet our clients’ needs better everyday.
That is why, through our several years of experience, we have been asking for feedback from our clients, both public and private.
Below you can have a look at some of the most telling testimonials we have collected over the years:


“The local authority has used Ms. Ding’s services with a Chinese family over the past one year. During this period, among other tasks, she helped to do the translation for a 12-week parent training program with the parents. I was impressed that week after week, the parents were able to give accurate recollections of what they were learning. This could only have been because Ms Ding was doing an accurate translation.

Warm regards.”

Wemi Agboaye, Advanced Social Worker Practitioner

“Everything has gone really well so far – we’re very impressed with your people.”

Sandra Wilcox, Examinations Secretary

“Dear Sirs, I was really impressed at the speed in which you got back to me and the quick turnaround time especially as one of the jobs was very short notice!!”

A.B & Enterprise College

“Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd provided an extremely competent interpreter to translate from English to Hungarian – we all thought she was amazing! The translation of the presentations were also very good and completed in a very quick timescale. Thank you very much!’ Best wishes.”

Serena Jenere, Information Liaison Officer

“I needed translation of my birth certificate on the same day and Absolute staff helped get this done. well done!”

Adee Hedry

Contribute to help our development and do not hesitate to give your feedback about our translations.